Their vintage exotic rock & roll is induced with flavors and magic spells from all over the world: desert blues, surf rock, afro-disco, 60’s psychedelica, rumba and Indian raga. Add a pinch of weirdness and grit, a little bit of rain dancing and some sticky melodies. All to get you spinning on the dancefloor like a compass gone haywire. 
Buddies Tommy Ebben and Gino Bombrini stumbled  on a chemistry to make songs together, sounding like the bastard children of their respective heroes: Keith Richards and Ry Cooder. Combining swaggering 60's/70's rock & roll with the uncontrollable itch to incorporate non-Western musical styles, culminating in their 2019 self-titled debut album. 

After shows in clubs and at festivals all across Europe, Gino left the live band, but is still writing and producing songs tor the band together with Tommy. With the current line-up  (made up of Tommy on guitar & vocals, Jody van Ooijen on drums, Menno Roymans  on guitars, bouzouki, flute, percussion & vocals, Joris Ram on bass & vocals and Massimo Bombrini on percussion) they released singles Zig Zag, Easy Prey, and Lost Kids and are currently working on a second album. 

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Optreden 20:30 - 21:45
Podium Hoofdpodium
Genre Vintage exotic rock & roll
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